About Jake

Jake is a writer and spoken word poet.  He's had a love affair with words his entire life.  His work covers everything from humor to philosophy and theology, and various combinations thereof.  For him, poetry is an overflow of life. 

He's been a closet poet for the most part until recently.  He began performing poetry for his church, and was honored to perform at the 2018 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, NV.

A Colorado native, Jake now lives near Kearney, Nebraska with the greatest wife on Planet Earth and their four energetic young children.

I have been taking part in Cowboy poetry gatherings for twenty-five years and I am excited to see the young poet Jake Riley come on board. Jake will serve as a vital link in taking the craft of cowboy poetry to the next generation.”

— R.P. Smith, Cowboy Poet and Humorist

Jake Riley is a gifted, thoughtful artist who speaks to the greatest longings and deepest sorrows we all face. He is a writer and orator whose spoken word performances have encouraged me and thousands of others. At the church I lead, his performances have repeatedly touched people in a way my sermons never could. I’ve personally found him to be that rare artist, whose poetry connects with people who are artistically inclined, while also speaking to men and women who are not trained in the fine arts. Perhaps most significantly, I’ve found that his poetry articulates the emotions and longings of ordinary men—in a way that guys wish they could express themselves. Jake’s humility and authenticity come thru in his art. He’s got a gift that God is using to provoke and encourage many.”

— Adrian Boykin, Lead Pastor - Kearney Efree Church