Jake’s CD “Western Errors” coming February 2017

I've been trying to work on a CD for awhile now (by trying, I mean thinking about it, mostly) but an overanalytical, type-b, recovering perfectionist doesn't often get a whole lot done.  But, if I have a deadline sometimes I can execute things.  Well, I was invited to perform at the 12th Annual Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival in Lawler, IA in January and thought that a good "deadline" by which to try and build a CD, and so far things are on track.  It's largely humorous (I hope) with a couple of tracks on the more serious end of things.  A good sampling of the stuff I've been writing for years - hyperbolic cowboy humor-often unrefined but always family-friendly, commentaries on human nature, philosophical observations, first and second-hand accounts of personal wrecks and mishaps, with a touch of Christian apologetics and reflections of life on earth - you know, the usual.  Hoping to have it on the shelf in early Feburary! (hmm, wait a second, this is a website...I don't have a shelf) mid March!  Sincere thanks to everyone who has helped get this done: Kent Lutt at ToneTree Audio, Tim Karges, Ryan Kulhanek; Interactive360, Elliot Rivera; AerialWorks Imaging, and Chad Johnson for the use of his windmill.

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